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20% Profit per Month on Complete Autopilot.

Welcome to a New Way to Make & Earn Money!

Discover the New Low-Risk, High-Return Method to Grow Your Wealth and Create Income Security

Maybe your just looking for a safe place to put your money and earn a better rate of interest. Earn more in a month than you get from the banks in five years! Earn on average 15-20% per month with no tie-in.

Many people are now using this method as an alternative to property investment. With average buy-to-let properties in the UK returning on average 7-9% ROI, the prospect of generating 15-20% returns each month is attractive to any investor!

Perhaps you've already built a significant nest-egg and are looking for a way to put it to work for you and generate income. This pension-like income doesn't require massive capital investment.

And for those who've been stung in the crypto markets with their high volatility and large number of scams, this offers a much safer way to generate impressive returns whilst maintaining  security and control over your funds.

OK, I am intrigued, tell me how it works?

Let's face it the prospect of generating a 15-20% monthly return would picque the interest of any savvy investor. But to be able to do it in such a safe and low-risk environment is almost unheard of. But more and more people are catching on to this little known money making method as word of its success continues to spread.

What we're talking about here is Forex trading, but not in the traditional sense. You don't need to be an expert trader or even understand how the market works. We have discovered a unique and clever bit of software that trades the Forex market for you, completely on autopilot, 24 hours per day. Now I understand that you may be thinking that the Forex market isn't new or you may be one of the few who view the Forex market as slightly higher risk, however, bear with me as I will not only explain why that isn't the case but I will offer you undeniable proof! A bold claim I know but that is the level of confidence I have in this system. Before we get started let's just summarise some of the highlights this system offers.

     • 15-20% Profit per Month
     •  Low-Risk / Low Drawdown
     •  Funds held with a highly reputable, highly regulated Broker
     •  Immediate access to funds at any time
     •  NEVER had a losing day yet
So what we have here is a low-risk, high return method to either grow your capital or generate an income in an economically safe environment with a highly regulated financial institution, where you retain 100% control of your funds and benefit from unhindered access to your money should you need it at any point. Compare that to investing in property, where the yields are generally much lower and you have all the management of the asset that goes alongside that type of investment, not to mention the potential delay accessing your money if you need it - after all you have to sell the property before you can access your funds, and what if it's lost value?

So by now you may be thinking "What's the catch" or "What will this cost me" so let's get over those hurdles shall we. Firstly, you only pay for the use of the software if, and only if it makes you a profit. Our charges are 20% of your profit each month. So for example if you invested the minimum £5000 and you made £1000 in your first month, then you will be billed 20% of your £1000 profit meaning you need to pay £200 for the use of the software. The only other cost is a £15 monthly charge for the trade copying service which includes 24/7 hosting in the cloud. That's it

Passive Income

Whether you're looking for a pension-style income or simply wanting to generate an additional income stream from your cash reserves, our Forex System offers far higher returns than traditional annuities (or anything else for that matter)! An account with just £25,000 will generate a monthly income of between £3000 and £4000. Compare that with having to invest between £900,000 and £1.2M in an equity fund to acheive the same income!

Property Investor

If you're used to investing in property then you'll be all to familiar with the risks and pitfalls of property investment from void periods and lost revenue to damage and maintenance issues, not to mention potential capital loss through recession. Our Forex System makes money in any market regardless of the economy and allows you immediate access to your capital when needed.

Savings Scheme

Perhaps you're just looking for somewhere to save on a regular basis and get a decent return. It's no secret that the banks are not offering great rates in these 'low interest' times we now live in. Putting your money into a regulated brokers account ensures the security of your funds and our unique software will trade it on your behalf to realise a generous monthly gain on your money, month in month out!

What is trade copying?

Three Ways to Trade

There are 3 ways to trade the Forex market; 
  1. Manual trading -trading yourself based on your research and analysis
  2. Signal Following - Signals are sent to you and you place the trade.
  3. Trade copying - a piece of software trades your account on autopilot

Advantages of Trade Copying

Obviously manual trading is a skill that takes many months if not years to master, it can be quite time intensive and nobody wants to stare at a screen full of graphs all day. Similarly with a signals service, although you don't need the same level of knowledge of the market, you do need to be in a position to act on signals the moment you receive them. Another disadvantage of this type of trading is that the time to execute the order and the variety of different brokers that customers use means everyone gets in (and out) at a different price. By using a trade copying service the trades are placed automatically on your behalf and all this happens almost instantaneously ensuring you enter and exit trades at the exact moment you should. This is vital to ensure profitable trades.

100% Hands-Free, Zero Effort Money Machine

Once you've set your account up, which only takes a few minutes, you can simply walk awaqy and leave your money to work for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked questions we get...

How does it work?

Our unique software monitiors the forex market 24 hours per day looking for specific patterns that indicate a market move is imminent. It then opens a trade, either BUY or SELL and profits from the change in price. It doesn't matter if the market is moving up or down the software can profit from either scenario.

Is my money safe?

It would be remiss of us to say that there is no risk, every investment carries a degree of risk. However, given the high level of returns achievable and the relatively low-risk to your capital we believe that there is no easier way to make money right now and certainly no quicker way to make doouble digit yields. The risk of losing just 10% of your investment is calculated at <0.01%

What if I need my money?

No problem. Your money stays in your broker account that only you have access to. You can request a withdrawl from your account 24 hours per day. The money is then transferred straight into your bank or back to your card.

Does the system ever lose money?

Actually yes, the software will open several trades per day and not every one will always win but it wins more than it loses every single day. In fact what makes the software so special is its unique hedging algorithm that can trade its way out of a negative position. Bottom Line; NEVER had a losing day yet!!!


How do I know the broker is trustworthy?

This is a perfectly valid question. We work with one of the most reputable and highly regulated brokers in the Forex market. they have very positive reviews. Naturally as with any business nothing is perfect but they are well thought of across the industry. See for yourself - CLICK HERE

How do I know it performs as you have said?

Again, a perfectly valid question. To ensure 100% transparency and to eliminate any possibility of data manipulation we use a 3rd party verification service, essentially they have 'read only' access to our trading account and can monitor every trade we do as well as see the account growth. CLICK HERE

We Choose Protection Over Profits

Many automatic trading systems overtrade and take risks with your money - We don't!

Customers first and foremost

We understand how hard you've worked for your money, as we have ours, and like you we have our own money invested right alongside yours. We want to ensure you remain a happy customer in the long-term and we believe the best way to achieve this is by taking a more conservative approach to trading and protecting your capital rather than taking unnecessary risks.

A Sustainable Business Model 

Whilst it would be all to easy to simply trade recklessly and make commissions from an unscrupulous broker, we feel that a long term business relationship built on mutual gain is far better. We only earn if you do. Sound fair?

Bottom Line

We are in no doubt that the performance our software speaks for itself. So read the reviews on the broker, check out the trading history on MyFXbook and join our facebook group and speak to real live customers for yourself. Then join if you want to. If you decide not to then that is fine also, at least you had a look.

Mobile App Allows You to Track Your Profits Every Day

Below is a screenshot from the mobile App that lets you monitor trading activity and results

See Every Trade

Watch every trade live and see how profitable they are. Profits are shown in Blue while [occassional] losses are shown in Red. We alway have Blue days.

Track Your Profits

Watch your account balance grow day by day. The forex market trades24 hours per day 5 days per week. View your profits Daily, weekly or monthly.

Live Stats 24/7

The mobile App links directly to your account in real-time so you have up-to-the-minute data on hand whenver you want it. 100% Control.

Company Website

Once you've entered your details below to access our VIP section you'll be directed to our corporate website where you can learn more about us.

Facebook Group

We have our own facebook group where you can interact with real customers and ask questions before making any commitment to join us. We offer 100% transparency and want you to be comfortable

VIP Telegram Group

Customers get to communicate together and with the company in real time via Telegram chat group. Get your questions answered and share success.

Why not you?

You've seen the 3rd party results proving the system does what it says and if you joined the facebook group you'll see plenty of screenshots of peoples profits - Why not join us and profit too?

Why not now?

You know the old saying; There's no time like the present. Well it's just as applicable here. If not now then when? When do you think is a better time to start having your moeny work harder for you?

What's the worst case?

So far we have never had a losing day and we aim to continue that unblemished record, if a day came when you didnt make a profit, you can pull the plug in an instant and withdraw your money immediately.